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I have been working at PHR for more than two decades now, and I recognize the extraordinary value of collaboration in the movement to protect and defend the human rights of all people. I’m also convinced that students count among our most passionate advocates. For both of these reasons, I’m writing to encourage you to come to the 2012 PHR National Conference, Sustainable Connections & Collaborations for Health & Human Rights.

Sujal Parikh and Susannah Sirkin photo

Susannah Sirkin presenting Sujal Parikh with the "Emerging Leader" award at the 2009 National Student Conference.

As you probably know by now, it’s being held this year in conjunction with the University of Michigan’s Second Annual Sujal Parikh Memorial Symposium for Health & Social Justice. I had the privilege of knowing Sujal through his active and enthusiastic participation with PHR, and was impressed by the ways he constantly sought to connect with other people passionate about health and human rights. So this collaboration is particularly fitting.

The student program has lined up a fantastic array of speakers, including keynote speakers Drs. Arash and Kamiar Alaei, our Iranian colleagues who treated HIV in Iran and ended up in prison as a result of their efforts.

So I hope that you will join us on March 24 and 25 at the University of Michigan, to learn from each other, brainstorm together, and reinvigorate all of our commitment to the right to health for all people.

Register (for free!) at sujalsymposium.org.

There you’ll also find more information on all of the inspiring speakers that the PHR student program has lined up. They are all interested in meeting you, our student advocates. I certainly know that I personally am very much looking forward to connecting with you in Michigan next month.

Hope to see you there!

Sujal Parikh Memorial SymposiumAs medical students and health professionals, we know that promoting the health of our patients and communities is a team effort. It can take any combination of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, social workers, and patient advocates working in concert with patients and their families to make our goals of care attainable. When it comes to addressing the systemic injustices that so often underlie poor health, we expand our networks even further, joining forces with community organizers, public health professionals, journalists, lawyers, politicians, and many others in the pursuit of optimal health outcomes. That is why PHR is pleased to announce the theme of this year’s National Conference: Sustainable Connections & Collaborations for Health & Human Rights. The conference, which takes place March 24 & 25 at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor,will be held in collaboration with the Sujal Parikh Memorial Symposium for Health & Social Justice, an annual symposium that brings together members of many excellent organizations that work to promote the well-being of vulnerable populations, including:

We urge students and professionals from every discipline and with any level of training to bring their talents into the mix by joining us at the PHR National Conference. You will hear from an exceptional lineup of inspiring speakers, including Drs. Arash and Kamiar Alaei, Iranian physicians and brothers who were imprisoned for more than two years due to their work combating HIV/AIDS, and who were freed after sustained petitioning from PHR members and allies. Expert-led skill-building workshops will help you hone your abilities in research, curriculum development, advocacy, and social entrepreneurship. Perhaps most importantly, you will have the opportunity to drive change and motivate your colleagues by sharing your research, ideas, and social justice-promoting projects as an oral or poster presenter. Please consider submitting an abstract! The deadline has been extended to February 15. Check out the conference program for additional details. Whether you can join us in Ann Arbor or not, odds are you know many outstanding student leaders who deserve recognition for their work promoting health and human rights. Show your appreciation for students who have inspired you by nominating them for the Navin Narayan Student Achievement Award. And please, help us spread the word about the conference!Distribute this flyer to all of your friends and colleagues so that they can bring their energy and ideas to this amazing event: 

  2012 PHR National Conference Flyer

I look forward to meeting and learning from many of you on March 24 & 25 in Ann Arbor. Together we will develop new networks to share our passions and skills, increasing our collective efficacy as advocates for health and human rights.

Fiona Danaher
PHR Student Advisory Board Member
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, M4

On March 24 and 25, human rights activists from the fields of medicine, public health, and public policy are convening for:

Sustainable Connections & Collaborations
for Health & Human Rights

a joint conference of

The Physicians for Human Rights National Conference


The Second Annual University of Michigan Sujal Parikh Memorial Symposium
for Health & Social Justice

March 24th & 25th, 2012 in Ann Arbor, Michigan

As a former PHR Student Advisory Board member, friend of Sujal’s, and current pediatric resident interested in continuing a career dedicated to underserved populations, this conference is particularly important to me. I am very excited about the breadth of talks as well as the academic and practical discourse that will occur between the many different health professionals and students who are coming. Among the many amazing speakers confirmed for this conference, I am particularly happy to announce that Drs. Arash and Kamiar Alaei, prominent Iranian physicians and HIV activists previously imprisoned in their home country under false pretenses, will be joining us as keynote speakers.

Please join me and others interested in health, human rights and social justice for an inspiring and educational weekend in Ann Arbor.

Registration is free, so I encourage you to register today at SujalSymposium.org.

There you will also find our current conference agenda, a list of speakers, and information about submitting abstracts for poster presentations (deadline is January 30, although extensions may be possible by contacting us). I look forward to seeing you!

Katie Ratzan Peeler
University of Michigan Pediatrics House Officer
Former PHR Student Advisory Board Member