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Are you thinking about attending the 2011 National Student Conference, but need a little more convincing? Check out what attendees had to say about last year’s event!

“Gathering with other PHR student members and physicians is always an inspiration. The keynote speaker was excellent. The topic of the conference was extremely relevant and appropriate.”

“Everything was very clear and laid out perfectly. The sessions were great and really covered everything I thought was relevant and important. I also really appreciated the breakfast and all of the snacks. It felt like we were treated really well.”

“I liked the free exchange of ideas, the compactness of the schedule (so not a lot of time was wasted between sessions), and the whole goal-oriented focus of the conference. After all, actions speak louder than words!”

“I came to connect with people and learn about how to incorporate human rights/activism into my career as I apply to residencies and as I anticipate my career. I was very inspired and I felt my awareness of opportunities increased hugely.”

“Sharing the day with students from all across the country…was inspiring and invigorating.”

This year’s conference promises to be just as invigorating. Throughout the day, you will have the opportunity to hear from world-renowned leaders in health and human rights, inspire others and be inspired by the research and service projects showcased at the Expo, and develop networking and advocacy skills. Register today and be part of a national movement to change the paradigm of the health professions to promote health and human rights worldwide!